iracle hicken

I was working at a little petting farm in the middle of a big city. So, of course alot of people dumped unwanted animals there. One summer morning, I found this family of beautiful, sweet chickens abandoned in one of the pens. One little hen didn't get in the photo, and the parents are the two on the right:


Miracle's family

How I loved these wonderful chickens. About nine months went by and they were killed by a raccoon. Needless to say, I was devastated. At this point, I had twelve of their eggs in my refrigerator to be eaten. The little hens had just started to lay for the first time, but I had seen the parents together, so I figured I could have as many as four fertilized eggs. I knew I couldn't pretend that nothing had happened and eat them, and I couldn't throw them away, so I knew I had to find an incubator and try to hatch them. How I got the incubator is a miraculous story in itself. Anyhow, I knew nothing about hatching eggs and did so many things wrong. Add to that the things that kept going wrong, like the cord coming out of the wall causing the incubator to cool off for hours before I found it, the constantly fluctuating temperature in the cheap little incubator, and the fact that the eggs had been in the refrigerator, and you begin to see what a fiasco this was becoming. I never expected anything to hatch. I just knew I had to try. People would laugh out loud and say, "it would be a miracle" if anything hatched! Well, one and a half days early, and on a friday the 13th no less (6-13-97), I heard a loud chirp!! The miracle happened! One egg hatched! Here is my little Miracle at about three months old:

Miracle Chicken

She never got much bigger and never got colorful like her family. She is such a joy! She is more playful than a kitten and has a whole room full of toys. It is hilarious to watch her play with her toys! And when you hold one of her stuffed balls up in front of her, she pecks it and shoots it across the room. So I made her a basketball hoop and she can sink baskets!!! Thank you for being my inspiration, my beloved little Miracle Chicken!




Since this writing, my beloved little Miracle has developed a neurological disorder causing seizures and the inability to walk or move much. Here is a picture of her at her 6th birthday, in her little party hat! Notice the cake all over her beak!

Miracle's 6th birthday


Sadly, I have lost the incredible fight to save my precious Miracle child.



Some pictures of my precious Miracle...



This is our Christmas card.

Here she is playing ball, before the illness.

Here she is eating her birthday cake!