In order for me to reproduce what you want in miniature, (your pet, an item...) I would like to see it in as many different views as possible. When photographing an animal, it is most helpful to get on the ground at eye level. It is difficult to know what a straight on front and/or side view look like while viewing a photo shot from above. I also need back views. People don't ordinarily shoot from the back. I realize if the animal has already passed on, these kinds of photos might not be available. I can see what photos you do have, supplement my own photos of the same type/breed, and use your photos for personal details--color and markings. Try to get good clear photos in several different views whenever possible.

When doing custom work, many things affect price, so I cannot quote exact prices here. Things such as more than one name or dates to be chip-carved, is the animal in a miniature setting, how many sides of an urn to be carved, and how many personalizing options selected. I have to see what you want to quote an exact price.

Animal urns are 5"w x5"h, human urns are 5 1/2" x 10". These dimensions do not include top or base. Overall dimensions: pet-6"x7", human-11" x 7 1/2". Capacity of the human urn satisfies the 200 cubic inch minimum as determined by the Cremation Association of North America. Dimensions may vary slightly. Let me know if you need larger/smaller sizes.

Starting prices for urns:


Urn with heart frame $150.00*

Urn with carved figure $200.00

Urn with chip-carving $250.00

Urn with carved figure and heart frame $225.00

Urn with chip-carving and heart frame $275.00

Urn with carved figure and chip-carving $325.00

Urn with carved figure, chip-carving and heart frame $350.00

*If you will be wanting the frame for a photo, I ask that you send the photo and I will take care of putting it in place on the urn. Keep size in mind when selecting a photo. My recommendation is- no more than 2" or it will look too large for the urn. Of course, this is entirely up to you.

Here are starting prices for some of the items seen on the preceding pages:

Hand carved/painted animals start at $85.00

Chip-carved clocks start at $250.00

Chip-carved nameplates start at $150.00

Miniature framed drawings/paintings start at $65.00

Hand carved jointed teddybears start at $75.00


 Please e-mail me with your questions, requests and ideas. I will contact you with further information regarding photos and estimates (payment/shipping, and timeframe). Please tell me where you live so I can calculate postage. Due to the nature of custom work, I will require payment in full to begin.

(Miniature non working 1:12 scale cuckoo-clock kit info: The pieces are completely hand carved, insuring that no two clocks are alike. You paint/stain/finish and assemble. The clock kits are made and in stock. The cost is $50.00 plus $10.00 U.S. shipping.)

This hand carved clock is available as a kit!O.O.A.K. hand carved cuckoo clock kit

U.S. funds only

I accept bank checks and money orders (no personal checks), and you may use Visa , Mastercard, Discover, and American Express through PayPal, the fast, free, secure online payment service. Just click on the PayPal button:




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